First Visit

Initial consultation

When you arrive at our office, please introduce yourself to our friendly receptionist if she has not already done so. She will gather your information and alert Dr. Gamm of your arrival. You will then be greeted by Dr. Gamm who will examine you or your child’s smile, bite, and teeth.

Dr. Gamm will share his recommendations on any issues requiring treatment, optimal treatment plans, and treatment duration. He will then explain exactly how to get started and you will be meet with our treatment coordinator who will  schedule your next appointment and discuss your insurance benefits, as well as provide you with the cost of treatment based on Dr. Gamm’s findings. Please bring your insurance card with you to this appointment if we did not receive your insurance information prior.

Diagnostic Records

If Dr. Gamm determines that treatment is needed, an appointment for diagnostic records is scheduled. Records include: study models, digital photographs of the patient’s face and teeth, and digital x-rays. Dr. Gamm reviews and studies the records and develops a customized treatment plan. These records also serve to track treatment progress as the teeth are moved. The cost of records is included in the treatment fee. There is a fee for records if treatment is not pursued at this office.


Directly following the records appointment,  Dr. Gamm  sits down and discusses the details of your treatment. Afterwards, our financial coordinator will review the total cost of your treatment, your insurance coverage, and the options available to finance your portion. Paperwork is signed and future appointments are then scheduled. It is important that the responsible party attends this conference to avoid any delays in scheduling.


If it is too soon to start treatment, the patient will be placed on our recall list. Your child will be evaluated every six months until Dr. Gamm feels it is time to begin treatment. These visits are included in the cost of treatment when treatment starts.

For your convenience, our New Patient Information Forms are available online for you to print out, complete, and bring to your appointment.

Child/Adolescent New Patient Information
Adult New Patient Information